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Dairy Ice Cream

There are two stages: Making the custard and freezing the ice cream. Unlike other producers we make up different types of custard, each made from fresh local milk & cream, fresh local eggs (separated in-house by hand) & British sugar. They combine to produce an excellent base that gives a real depth of flavour, for example:

Each special blend of ingredients is pasteurised then cooled overnight. The second stage involves adding many of the fresh flavours that are all made in-house e.g.

Each final combination is then frozen down, producing very distinctive flavours and textures – the final process is testing, we will only let each dairy ice cream wear the Mary's Farmhouse label if it is perfect and we are proud.

So, as you can see, only essential ingredients are used - you can taste and feel the difference.

1 litre real dairy ice cream from Marys Farmhouse500ml real natural dairy ice cream in distinctive flavours from Marys Farmhouse125ml real natural dairy ice cream in unusual flavours from Marys Farmhouse

We're proud of our Flavours,
come and see what they are...

why Marys Farmhouse natural food is so special
Customers really notice
We know it's a good product because we see the same customers coming through the door day after day to try all the flavours we sell. Customers really notice and appreciate the difference.
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