Frequently Asked Questions

question How often do you deliver and is there a minimum order?

We deliver weekly and there is no minimum order.


question  Are all the products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, we don't use any animal by-products except fresh milk, cream and eggs.


question  How are orders placed?

We phone each customer weekly prior to the delivery day.


question  Where do you source your ingredients?

Wherever possible we use locally produced ingredients such as: the milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Fruit is more problematic as only strawberries and damsons are grown in this country.


question  Does your chocolate ice cream contain soya lecathin?

No, we use unrefined cocoa mass to produce our own chocolate.


question  Why is the Mint & Choc not green?

We only use mint extract and firmly exclude all colourings.


question  Are the products suitable for people with nut allergies?

Hazelnut, walnuts and almonds are used in some of the ice creams and although
every effort is made, we cannot guarantee nut free ice cream/sorbet. The meringues
are made in a seperate area within the factory and are nut free.


question  What is your delivery area?

The ice cream is distributed throughout Wales - the meringue can now be found
in many areas throughout the U.K.

Excellent service
Mary’s Farmhouse have an excellent product of high quality and wide range of flavours. They have supplied the National Botanic Garden of Wales for the last four years. The company offers an excellent service and have promptly delivered orders large and small throughout the year. I would highly recommend them to any buyer as a reliable supplier whose product will enhance your business.
Bethan Aylott, Deputy Head of Commercial Dev.
National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanarthne,


natural, additive free desserts from Mary's Farmhouse

salsa certificate marys farmhouse desserts  an authentic pembrokeshire product

marys farmhouse desserts  made will all natural ingredients
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