Mary's Farmhouse special Free Range Egg Meringues: No additives, gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

Free Range Eggs

Local, happy hens roaming freely in the Welsh countryside supply us with our fresh, free range eggs.

We use these egg whites to make our 'Free Range Egg Meringues'.

As with all our products, we firmly exclude any additives, stabilisers or emulsifiers from our recipes. These traditional meringues contain only: sugar and fresh, free range egg white - giving you all the flavour and texture without the additives.
Gentle drying in the oven for at least 6 hours ensures a perfect meringue.

Used by professional chefs - our meringues won’t let you down. Just add fruit and cream and you have a winner every time.

meringues made with free range eggs at Marys FarmhouseIf you have an unusual way of using them - please do let us know and we’ll share it on our website!

These exclusive meringues are a joy to eat and come with great credentials. The yolks don’t go to waste either; these are used for making our ice cream.
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Highest Quality
At a competitive price and excellent service, Mary’s Farmhouse products are of the highest quality which is shown from our customers’ comments and feedback. Nic Edwards, Executive Head Chef.
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natural, additive free desserts from Mary's Farmhouse

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marys farmhouse desserts  made will all natural ingredients
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