About Us

We began making dairy ice cream over 20 years ago on our dairy farm in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

The company was created in the mid 1980's from the need to diversify away from the farming industry; which was at that time being heavily restricted by the introduction of milk quotas. A decision was made to try and use some of the excess milk being produced, so we began making dairy ice cream for our 3 children. This then extended to family and soon friends were also asking for our home made ice cream.

It wasn't long before we made the decision to move away from farming completely and sold the farm to finance our new venture.

Our son Rob joined us (Mary and John) a few years ago, ensuring this really is a family business.

John, Mary and Rob Hursey

Why we're so special ... why marys farmhouse natural food is so special

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natural, additive free desserts from Mary's Farmhouse

salsa certificate marys farmhouse desserts  an authentic pembrokeshire product

marys farmhouse desserts  made will all natural ingredients
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