real fruit sorbet - another natural, additive free dessert from marys farmhouse


Our sorbets are made to the same exacting standards as all our other products:
completely additive free, using only fresh, and wherever possible locally sourced ingredients.
Making our Sorbet
We heat British sugar, dextrose and water to make a syrup, let it cool, add the chosen fresh flavour and Batch Freeze – this allows for a more artisan production, involving a lot more work but delivering a higher quality sorbet.
All the fruit is delivered fresh and is squeezed/pureed in-house, these include: lemons, limes, passion, mango and oranges e.g.

As with the ice cream we only use the real thing, sorbet with no condensed or synthetic flavours whatsoever.

500ml fruit sorbet from marys farmhouse125ml fruit sorbet from marys farmhouse


Passion Fruit
Vodka & Lime
Orange & Cointreau



Highest Quality
At a competitive price and excellent service, Mary’s Farmhouse products are of the highest quality which is shown from our customers’ comments and feedback. Nic Edwards, Executive Head Chef.
The Metropole Hotel
Temple Street, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DY


natural, additive free desserts from Mary's Farmhouse

salsa certificate marys farmhouse desserts  an authentic pembrokeshire product

marys farmhouse desserts  made will all natural ingredients
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