Why we're so special

From its inception we at Mary's Farmhouse wanted to produce food that remained true to a home style of recipe. For this reason we set out with the ethos of using only fresh, and wherever possible locally sourced ingredients.

We have no condensed or synthetic flavours whatsoever - everything is made in-house using fresh produce.

It has taken many years to perfect our recipes, discarding completely any that didn’t reach our very high standards.

This combination of factors has helped produce a fantastic range of ice creams, meringues and sorbets that have a real point of difference.

We truly are a family run business employing up to 12 people.

Mary, John and Robert (the son), have a personal interest in making sure all the food that comes in, and all the products that leave, are of the highest standard, backed up with making sure all our customers receive the best possible service.

After all if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here so, thank you.


marys farmhouse - traditional natural food

Our ice cream... why Marys Farmhouse natural food is so special

...friendly company and we are pleased to be selling their products. Angela Rogers
Summerhill Farm Shop & Village Stores
Amroth, Stepaside, Narberth, Pembrokeshire


natural, additive free desserts from Mary's Farmhouse

salsa certificate marys farmhouse desserts  an authentic pembrokeshire product

marys farmhouse desserts  made will all natural ingredients
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